Vehicle Parking

The Members of Lone Star Corral adopted the Bylaws and Standing Rules to have order in the park. Everyone must follow them regardless if we agree or disagree with them.

We need to remind everyone about vehicle parking on your lot. Standing Rule Article IV Section 1.A. In addition to the basic habitable rig 2 motorized (non-rv) passenger type vehicles will be allowed on each Membership Lot with a clearly defined parking pad.

Standing Rule Article IV Section I.K. The front of the utility corridor on each Membership Lot must be clearly identified by using a 4 foot long barrier of landscape timber, rocks or other material to prevent the leach field, which is an area 4 feet wide and 30 feet long on the parking pad side of the Membership Lot.

The purpose of these 2 Standing Rules is to protect the underground pipes of our sewer system. Every lot has the drain field and a drain pipe running to the septic tank, this can be the drain pipe from your lot and a pipe from an adjoining lot. Over time repeatedly driving over the area where the pipes are located will compact the soil and possibly resulting in the failure of the pipe. The past repairs to these pipes have shown they are not always installed where we think they are.

LSC Board of Directors

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