The Lone Star Corral SKP RV Co-op is located 1/4 mile south of US 90, about 7 miles west of Hondo, Texas. Rural Texas road signs are often sun-bleached out or missing entirely so the use of a GPS is suggested.

Although our “Private Road” addresses inside the park are legitimate for most uses, including USPS, UPS, and Fed-Ex, some GPS units don’t recognize or locate them correctly. The following address, which is on the north (D’Hanis) side of the street, across from our entrance on the south (Hondo) side, does work with all GPS units:

6050 County Road 5216
D’Hanis, TX 78850

Our entrance GPS coordinates (depending on your GSP setup):
29.331998N  099.253982W
29-19.919N  099-15.239W
29-19-55N  099-15-14W

From Hondo, go west about 6 miles on US-90 from the last light in Hondo, and turn left on CR-422 [County Road], which is at the flashing yellow lights about 0.8 mile after the very slight left bend in US-90. (If you reach D’Hanis, you’ve overshot by about a mile.) Go south on CR-422 about 1/4 mile to the stop sign at the “T”, then turn left. The entrance to the co-op will be on your right in about 1/4 mile.

Check in at the office. After hours, a work-camper will help you.

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