Utilities and Services

Local Utility Information

Cable – Cable TV is not available in our park.

Cell – The nearest cell tower is located about one half mile west of the park.  It is a Verizon tower.

Electric – The park is served by the Medina Electric Cooperative. Each lot has a pedestal with 20, 30 and 50 amp receptacles. The office sends out bills monthly to members and Monthly renters.

Propane – Propane service is provided every other Thursday.  See our Propane page for details.

Trash – There are several dumpsters located throughout the park. They are emptied once a week.  Only regular household trash should be deposited; all trash must be securely tied in plastic bags.  Please break down any boxes to save room (or recycle).  Large bulk or items other than household trash can be taken to the transfer station at the Medina County Barn on the north side of Hondo at 275 CR 241, on Saturday mornings only, 8-12.

Periodically, park members (volunteers welcome) will announce a “dump run” and will pick up items for disposal.  The cost varies and is split among members using the service.

Recycling – No recycling is available at the park. However, in Hondo (about 9 miles east), there is a free household recycling location in the Republic Services yard at 616 Spaatz, near the north side of the Hondo Airport (left turn at 1st Hondo signal light, 1 mi north, left on Spaatz). It’s open 8-12 on Saturday mornings only. It’s attended by a nice guy who will get the stuff from your vehicle and dump it all into a single big roll-off dumpster for later sorting in San Antonio. They take paper, cardboard, metal, plastic, and glass, no sorting necessary.

Non-household recycling such as batteries, tires, oil, electronics, appliances, or other large items should be taken to the transfer station at the Medina County Barn on the north side of Hondo at 275 CR 241, on Saturday mornings only, 8-12. A fee may be charged depending on what is being dropped off.

Water – The park is connected to the D’Hanis city water system. Each lot should have a 50 ft water hose with a spray nozzle attached to one water faucet for fire supression.  There is a volunteer fire department in D’Hanis.

Sewer –  All sites have a sewer connection. Texas regulations require that the sewer hose be elevated above the ground, with a continuous grade down to the sewer connection. There is a RV dump station near the entrance to the park.  The park is on septic tanks; there are 4 lots to each septic tank, except lots along fences where there are 3 lots to a tank.

Wi-Fi – The park has a shared free Wi-Fi system for email and web browsing (but not streaming TV) by members and visitors. See our Wi-Fi page for information.