General Info

Lone Star Corral

An Escapees RV Club Members Only Park

The Lone Star Corral (aka. Alamo Area SKP Co-Op/Retreat of Texas, Inc.) is a 55+ Co-Operative RV community in rural Texas, 40 miles west of San Antonio, and is affiliated with the Escapees RV Club [SKP]. Co-Op members and visitors must be SKP members.

The Co-op is a non-profit corporation, and is owned entirely by its 130 members. The Co-Op is overseen by its elected and unpaid Board of Directors, each of whom is a member and resident of the Co-Op. Much of the work in the Co-Op is performed by members of various committees and other volunteers.

A membership (either a single person or a couple with a single RV) includes a lifetime agreement with the Co-Op for the use a specific one of our 130 50′ x 70′ lots for as long as the member remains in good standing; some of our members have lived here for over 30 years!

A membership and the associated RV lot becomes available for purchase only when a current member gives up his or her membership and lot for some reason. We have an Active Waiting List (AWL) for those RVers who are interested in joining the Co-Op and wish to be notified when a membership and RV lot becomes available. Only a few memberships usually become available each year, and seniority on the AWL determines priority for a new membership.

This is the permanent domicile for many of our members (some for over 30 years!), and they may or may not leave during part of the year. When not in the park, a membership has the option of making its vacant lot available through the Co-op office for use by a visiting SKP member.

General Information (Members & Guests):

  • All RVs must be self-contained (with holding tanks) and be road-worthy.
  • Electricity:
    • The pedestal on each lot has 20A, 30A, and 50A breakers and receptacles. We have no provisions for 100A RVs.
    • Each lot has a Co-Op owned meter that is read once a month.
    • Power is supplied by the Medina Electric Co-Op from its D’Hanis substation 2 miles away. Texas has it own electric grid, and has a good mix of wind and solar, as well as natural gas and coal fired power plants.
  • Water: The cost of water is included in a lot’s yearly maintenance fee. It is supplied by the City of D’Hanis water system, using wells that pump from the Edwards Aquifer, about 700′ underground.
  • Sewer: All lots are on septic tank systems, 3 or 4 lots to a tank. Treat with care.
  • Fencing: The 24 acre area of the park is completely fenced, except for our wide entrance driveway.
  • Roads: Interior roads are chip & seal.
  • Clubhouse: There is a large clubhouse in the center of the Co-Op, which contains:
    • Large dining/activities area.
    • Kitchen.
    • Library/meeting room.
    • Laundry: Front loading washers, $1 a load. Front loading dryers, $.75 per 45 min.
    • Bathrooms with showers.
  • Fire Protection: All lots are required to have and maintain a separate 50′ hose with sprayer nozzle, connected at all times, for fire use. There is a volunteer fire department in D’Hanis, 2 miles away.
  • Pets: All pets must be controlled and droppings must be picked up promptly. Cats and dogs must have up-to-date vaccinations.
  • Dog Run: A large fenced off-leash dog run is located in the southwest corner of the park.
  • Internet Service:
    • Wi-Fi for email and web browsing is available in the clubhouse. This is a shared system and not suitable for streaming TV. Passwords are required and may be obtained from the office.
    • For streaming video and smart TV’s, up to 50-mbps DSL can be obtained at any lot from Southwest Texas Communications. DSL service and cost can be suspended when out of the park. There is no cable TV in the park.
  • Cell Phone Service: Verizon has a cell tower 1/2 mile from the park so Verizon cell and data service is excellent. AT&T cell service is weak.
  • Mail:
    • The USPS deposits mail into each member’s key-locked mail box in the weather-sheltered 24-hr-accessable mailbox bank inside the park entrance.
    • Mail usually arrives by late morning six days a week and an orange flag is posted outside the office to indicate that the mail has arrived for the day
    • Oversize items are left in the office for pickup during office hours.
    • Names of those having mail or packages waiting in the office are listed on a board outside the office door.
    • An outgoing mailbox is located by the office door.
    • Since each lot has its own legal residential address, the USPS will accept a mail forwarding order for an individual lot.
    • For visitors, mail will be held at the office and should be addressed as:                     Visitor’s Name
                           c/o Alamo Area SKP Co-Op
                           131 Private Road 5240
                           Hondo, TX 78861-762
  • UPS & FedEx: Since each lot has its own legal residential address, both UPS and FedEx deliver directly to an individual lot.
  • Propane is available from a local vendor who visits the park every other thursday. You must sign up in the office for motorhome or bulk tank filling. Payment to the driver is required. Propane is also available in Hondo, 8 miles east.
  • Trash: Dumpsters are located throughout the park. All trash, including, newspapers must be securely tied or in plastic bags. Tree and shrub trimmings and leaves go in a special roll-off dumpster at the west end of the park.
  • Recycling: There is an attended single-stream recycling center, open to anyone, located in Hondo, 8 miles away, open Saturday mornings only. They take cardboard, paper, metal, plastic, and glass.
  • Gasoline: There is a gas station with Diesel about 2 miles west, in D’Hanis. There are several more gas stations, some with Diesel, in Hondo, 8 miles east.
  • Groceries: There is a small market and a gas station/convenience store about 2 miles west, in D’Hanis. There is a large HEB market and a WalMart with groceries about 8 miles east, in Hondo.
  • Restaurants: There are at least three in D’Hanis, 2 miles west, and a dozen or more in Hondo, 8 miles east.
  • Hardware: There are a couple of local hardware stores in Hondo, 8 miles east.
  • Auto Parts: There are a couple of automotive parts stores in Hondo, 8 miles east.