How to Join

A membership (either a single person or a couple) in the member-owned Alamo Area SKP Co-Op/Retreat of Texas, Inc. (aka Lone Star Corral) includes a lifetime agreement with the Co-Op for one specific lot for as long as you remain a member in good standing (some of our members have been here over 30 years!). A membership and the associated RV lot becomes available for purchase only when a current member gives up his or her membership and lot for some reason.

We have an Active Waiting List (AWL) for those RVers who are interested in joining the Co-Op and wish to be notified when a membership and RV lot becomes available. Only a few memberships usually become available each year, and your seniority on the AWL determines your priority for a new membership. The sooner you get on the AWL the sooner you may be able to join the Co-op!

Getting on the Active Waiting List (AWL)

It is very simple to get on the AWL for the Co-Op. First, you must be a member in good standing in the Escapees RV Club, with which the Co-Op is affiliated.

Escapees RV Club Application

Then, click on the AWL application button below. Fill out the application and send in with 2 checks made out to Alamo Area SKP Co-Op, one for $500 and one for $30. We are a 55+ RV Park so at least one of the applicants must be 55 years old or older. Please make copies of each persons driver’s license showing that at least one of you is at least 55 yrs old.

AWL Application Form

Membership Purchase Process

In accordance with Co-Op Bylaws Article II, Section 5, Paragraph G, when a lot becomes available for purchase, it is first offered by the Membership Committee to current members of the Co-Op in case they wish to move to different lot. This offer is currently done by posting the lot number in the Membership Office window. A member may obtain lot information from the office and inspect the lot in person. The purchase by a member must be completed by the last business (M-F) day of the current month; otherwise, the lot will be offered to the AWL (Active Waiting List), and is no longer available to current members.

Lots are offered to the AWL by an email from the Membership Committee that provides links to lot photos and lot valuation (which varies with an individual lot’s improvements). Of those responding to the email indicating interest in a specific lot (or lots), the one highest on the AWL has the first choice.

General RV Lot Information

Basic RV Lot Price is $2672.52 for a lot with no improvements at all (very few). Improvements, such as a shed and/or concrete pad, are additional, and lots vary in their improvements. With improvements, lots average around $10-15,000, with the most extensively improved lot around $30,000.

RV Lot Size: 50′ X 70′. Pads (Concrete and/or Chip & Seal) 10′ X 50′

Each RV lot is allowed to have a single storage shed,
with a maximum size of 12′ x 24′ x 12′ High (maximum 288 sq ft)

Frequently Asked Questions

How many are on your waiting list?
The Active Waiting List often has 30-50 names.

What is the average waiting time on the waiting list?
Wait time depends on how many memberships/lots become available for sale, and can run months to years.

Can anyone rent a lot?
If you are an Escapee member, you can rent a lot (if available) or boondock any time.

What is your yearly maintenance fee?
Maintenance dues are determined in December each year, effective January 1 of the new year. 2023 maintenance fee is $1,557.

When are memberships/lots sold?
Memberships are sold during the busy season (Nov-Apr) when sufficient committee members are in the Co-Op to process memberships.

If you have any questions, please feel free to call us at 830 363-7623 or email us at:
[email protected]


Standing Rules