There are twelve Standing Committees at the Lone Star Corral. These committees help in overseeing and working on various projects and functions that are essential to the smooth running and well-being of the Co-Op. The Board of Directors may establish a Special Committee to accomplish a specific task or to plan a specific project, if the task or project does not involve tasks assigned to a Standing Committee.

These committees are:


This Committee is to prepare and submit an Annual Budget to the Board of Directors for consideration. The Committee shall review budget requests and reports from the Standing Committees and compile a list of any possible improvements to, or necessary maintenance needs of, the Co-Op property, and establish the priorities for these items, making sure that the estimated cost for these items are included in the submitted budget. The Committee will determine the Annual Maintenance Fee for the upcoming business year and submit their recommendations to the Board of Directors for consideration, approval, and presentation to the Membership at the December regularly scheduled Board of Directors Meeting.


This Committee is responsible for reviewing all proposed amendments to the By-Laws. Amendments must be submitted by December 1 for consideration by the membership at the Annual Membership Meeting in February.


The Communications-Emergency-Disaster (CED) Committee is responsible for developing a plan to inform members of emergency conditions which affect the park. The Committee will develop emergency preparedness plans for the park. The Committee will ensure that information about all aspects of the plan is available to members and guests in the park. The Committee will maintain emergency equipment and supplies and recruit and train members to help carry out emergency preparedness plans.


The Construction and Maintenance Committee will set the standards of safety for the Co-Op. This Committee will set the standards and requirements for the upkeep, maintenance and appearance of all Co-Op structures and signage. The Committee will develop maintenance plans for all Co-Op structures and the Co-Op infrastructure and review all plans for any construction and make recommendations to the Board of Directors.


The Election Committee is to ensure that proper information is sent to Members in regards to any voting. The committee will conduct and oversee the election of members for the Board of Directors and changes to the By-Laws and Standing Rules.


When a Member relinquishes their Membership, this committee is to establish the value of all improvements. Value is defined as the cost of existing improvements, taking into consideration the present condition of those improvements. The Committee will perform interim evaluations, keeping the membership file current.


The Financial Audit Committee will conduct financial audits throughout the Co-Op’s business year


The Grievance Committee, is to hear complaints of the Members against the Board or between individual members, if there appears to be an infringement of the Bylaws or Rules


The Landscape Committee is to supervise the installation and maintenance of all plantings in the community areas of the CO-OP.


The Laundry Committee is responsible for maintaining the CO-OP laundry equipment and arrange for maintenance and repairs and advise the Board of Directors of the extent of same.


The Lot Improvement Committee is to insure the improvements meet CO-OP safety Standards and approve, in advance, all construction, shed improvements and landscaping on the Membership Lot


The Membership Committee is responsible for maintaining and administering the Active Waiting List, Membership Lot files and the Membership Lot Selection Procedures. The Membership Committee will maintain a file of Membership Lot requests and will manage the necessary paperwork involved in the transfer of a membership.


The WI-FI Committee is responsible for maintaining the LSC Internet System. The Wi-Fi Committee shall establish the rules, the password(s) and other appropriate measures for usage by LSC Members and guests.