Results of the Golf Cart Races

Saturday, February 23 saw the annual 2019 LSC Golf Cart Races.

On a perfect clear afternoon, 12 teams competed on a course fraught with perils – from traffic cones around which the blindfolded drivers, directed by their fearless cohorts, to a graded road, to boulders and even a wheelchair-bound onlooker (who narrowly escaped with his life).

The race was attended by a couple dozen rubberneckers hoping for some blood and gore, who enthusiastically cheered (and laughed) at the antics of the sometimes accurate, sometimes hopelessly befuddled drivers. Winners with a fastest time (adjusted for running over a cone) were Jim and Randi Rigsby, with a time of 1 minute thirteen seconds. Prizes were also awarded for Slowest Time, Most Entertaining and Safest.

A big thank you to park guest John Maxfield for handling the timepiece, and to Bob Wheaton and Rose Schafer for tracking and scoring the times (and disasters)


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