Eclipse Event Roundup

Parking and Mayhem Prevention Team. Dark Skies and Karaoke Singers

A fun time has been had by all.  We hosted a group of Escapee Members from Livingston, TX and other areas from the US.  Most of our guests came in on Sunday.  The Parking and Mayhem Prevention Team gathered to welcome and park our guests.  We started the festivities with an Ice Cream Social followed by card bingo.

Monday morning started off with a grab and go breakfast.  We sat on the lawn or at our rigs hoping the clouds might dissipate.  It did not happen but our spirits were not dampened.  We still got to experience total darkness with birds and insects falling quiet.  Dawn still appeared all around us as the moon moved away from the sun.  Neighbors got to chit chat with one another.  

Winners Top Left – Corn Hole Top Right – Walker Races Bottom Right – Bocce Ball Bottom Left – Pool Tournament Left middle – Send off Breakfast

Karolyn Evans gave us interesting facts on what happens during an eclipse.  Her color commentary added to the days events.

Monday afternoon lead us to a pulled pork dinner with all the fixings.  Our bellies full, we  moved onto the evening entertainment.  Jan played her piano.  Jack hosted Karaoke.  Tina Turner made another visit. Everyone who sang gave the audience what they were looking for FUN!

Tuesday was game day. We are a competitive bunch.  Corn Hole! Bocce Ball! Walker Races and a Pool Tournament.  It was full day of competitive laughter and neighborly heckling.  The three day event finished with a goodbye breakfast hosted by Patty Barnes and her kitchen crew.  I am still rubbing my belly from all those tasty treats.  Our community came together to embody the SKP spirit.  Thanks to Jan and Neal Kelsoe who planned this event for well over a year.  Until next time…

Phil, Neal, Richard (Tattoo) could not follow the rules of Walker Races. All three were disqualified. Winners of Walker Race in middle of pictures.

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