Eclipse Information

Jan and Neal Kelso have been working hard with the subcommittees to bring you THE EVENT – ECLIPSE – LSC STYLE.  Here is some information to help you get maximum enjoyment of our three-day event.

  1. The gates will be staffed starting Sunday, April 7 through the end of the event. MEMBERS: Please make sure you pick up a green pass before you leave so that the parking committee can let you through quickly. GUESTS:  Please display our parking pass anytime you need to enter the gate.
  2. There will be a First Aid station open in the Clubhouse Library. This will be staffed with folks who all have been trained in First Aid. The hours of operation are:
    1. Sunday, April 7 from 3 pm – 9 pm
    2. Monday, April 8 from 7 am – 11 pm
    3. Tuesday, April 9 from 11 am – until close (~5 pm)
  3. Don’t forget to sign up for meals and munchies. Sign up sheets are in the Clubhouse by the Library Door.
  4. Tuesday, April 9 will be game day. The sign-up sheets will be in the Clubhouse on Sunday, April 7.  All activities will be in and around the Clubhouse.
    1. 11 am Corn Hole (2 person team)
    2. 11 am Pool Tournament (single player)
    3. 2 pm Bocce Ball (2 person team)
    4. 3 pm Walker Races (2 person team)
  5. Please always wear your nametags during this event. We are all happy to see you.  We want to be able to greet everyone by their name.
  6. The Event Schedule is under the Activities Calendar tab. All eclipse information is in green.
  7. Karaoke is scheduled on Monday evening after the Pulled Pork Dinner.
  8. Calling all musicians: there will be plenty of opportunities for impromptu jam sessions. Announcements will be made when and where throughout the event.
  9. You can keep up to date on happenings through LSC Radion on 88.1 FM hosted by Richard Marx.
  10. Please breakdown any boxes and compact your trash as much as you can.  The park is very full.  There are 2 dumpsters on the west and east end of the park and 2 more dumpsters by the clubhouse.
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