K-9 Corral Jocularity

Please mark your calendars for a fun social hour on Wednesday January 26th @ 4PM

The K-9 Corral is hosting the first ever, Ugly Old Dog competition.  This competition is for any two people to form a team, visitors welcome also, so tell your visiting neighbors about it.

The idea is to have one person of the team get dressed up to look like any kind of dog, purebred or mutt, use any means you can imagine, like makeup, false ears and noses, wigs and maybe clothing to enhance the “work ethic” of the dog, as in a bathrobe and slippers for a lazy dog, or suit and bowtie for a dapper dog, plaid  flannel shirt for a farm dog, I’m sure you can get these pictures in your mind.  Keep it funny so we can all have a laugh with you.

The other half of the team will be the “ugly old dogs” handler, and their job is to keep the dogs under some kind of control.  Please make up a short bio for me to read out while you walk, or try to, walk your dog around the club house, i.e. the dog’s name, where you found him and why you kept him.  A rolled up newspaper will be allowed to enforce commands given and ignored, treats such as donuts or cupcakes can be used to lure the ugly old dogs to walk and diapers are allowed for those who are not house trained.  Please bring your own poop bags (of any size) in case of accidents.

There is no entry fee, but I would ask that spectators bring some cash to bribe the judges to choose your favorite.  The three judges are not “dog lovers” (you will understand when you see them) so they will need a lot of encouragement to decide on one, let alone to actually agree.

So come and have some fun and let’s fill up the Bluebonnets coffers.

If you plan on entering please call Karen @ 940-500-7939 so that I can allocate the space needed.  Entries will be kept confidential.

Thank You, Karen Bristol, K-9 Corral Chair

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