Golf Cart Races Recap

The (almost) annual Golf Cart Race was held on the east side of the clubhouse on Saturday, March 20, 2021, on a perfect day with moderate temperatures and  slightly cloudy sky.

Contestants paired off and each team navigated a serpentine course with a blindfolded driver, and a sidekick giving spoken instructions on such matters as “turn left, turn right, slow down, back up, speed up STOP!!”  A bloodthirsty audience gathered to observe this rite of passage and cheer on the carnage.

It was looking like the hopeful fans were to be disappointed in the lack of crashes until almost the end, when Neal, under the tutelage of Richard, drove off course and devastated the entrance to a neighboring lot.  The zest of the crowd was attested to later on by member John Maxfield, two streets over, who wondered what all the cheering and laughter was all about.

Richard Headley photographed the event, while Larry Smith timed the teams and Marlene Moir kept book, er, rather, recorded the results.  Below is some incriminating evidence:

Richard extricates the cart from a neighbor’s driveway


Prez Kay Markle tries her hand

The audience is warned to keep well back of the action

Starter and judge Valerie gives instructions to first-time driver Janice

A driver learns that some golf carts have no reverse gear

Winners of the coveted “Slower than a Turtle” award: a roll of TP

First Place: Park visitors Walt and Helena Confer


Neal and Richard receive the well-deserved “Most Entertaining” certificate

Many thanks to the folks who came to observe and participate, to the many who donated prizes, and especially to Richard Headley, Larry Smith and Marlene Mohr, and Mike Smith, who scurried around picking up toppled and crushed orange course marker cones.


Bob and Valerie Payne

Lot 89



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