Landscape Cleanup

Saturday, March 27, 2021.

Landscape all park clean-up of common areas.

It has been a hard winter, so there is lots to do. Meet at the Clubhouse porch on the eastside. We will have some tools. If you have your favorite, bring them. If we have a good turnout, we usually are done in a few hours. It is nice to have it all spruced up at once. The Adopt-A-Spots will be done by those who have adopted as the can. These are the areas we will work on:

CA16 – East side Clubhouse: Cutback and Remove frozen and dead bunny ear cactus and pencil cactus.
CA15 – Memory garden; remove dead plants, clean up stones, remove rotten barrel.     (we will replant later)
CA63 – Asian Jasmin needs cut back or scalloped.
CA30 – Row of Red Yucca near mailboxes, clean out and remove dead.
CA 28 – Herb Garden; near clubhouse dumpster. Clean out and remove dead plants. Trim back Rosemary and Mexican Oregano. (we will plant later) Trees that need trimming:
CA 27 – Near Herb garden; Trim back Ivy.
CA70 – Trim branch over Mailboxes. Adopt-A-Spot pots need paint touchup. If you would rather work on Friday, pick an item and let me know. Sherry will be available. If you have an Adopt-A-Spot, you are always on your own time. Any other help is appreciated. We like our neighborhood to look nice.


Sherry Bruce and Barbara Richardson, Co-Chair Landscape Committee


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