Our Activities to Resume

Several of our favorite activities will be starting up again later this month. Lots of us are ready to ‘return to somewhat normal’. However, to maintain safety for our Members and Guests, we will need to implement some safety protocols when using the Clubhouse and attending social functions. We are using guidelines obtained from the CDC for Social Club Activities. You should wear a mask anytime you are in the Clubhouse. Wash your hands often and use the sanitizers and cleaning supplies provided when using tables, equipment, etc. The activities starting up this month are:

BINGO: BINGO will resume on Friday, October 16th at 7PM in the Clubhouse. Cards are $1.00.Please bring small bills as we cannot change large ones. There are 10 games played then a final Coverall. Easy and lots of fun. Daubers are available for purchase and ‘loaners’ are available for guests.
NOTE: Seating will be limited at tables to 4 people to allow for social distancing. Masks to be worn for both your protection and that of others. The caller is NOT required to wear a mask unless they desire to, and we will ask you to observe social distancing with both the caller and cashier for their safety.

ICE CREAM SOCIAL: (This is providing we have someone volunteer to host). Ice Cream social will begin on Sunday, Oct 18th at 6PM in the Clubhouse. Bring your own bowl and spoon please. Sign up sheet in on the Bluebonnet Bulletin Board.
NOTE: Please wear a mask in the Clubhouse unless you are actively eating or drinking. Please maintain social distance and keep number of people limited at a table. Masks must be worn when in the service line to protect the servers. ALL items will be served to you at your request, there is no ‘self service’ on toppings or ice cream.

SOCIAL HOURS: One of our favorite traditions, our Monday-Wednesday-Friday Social hours will resume on Monday October 19th at 4PM in the Clubhouse. Wear masks and observe social distance.  At this time due to the COVID-19 concerns, there can be no “Munchy Mondays”. No outside food can be brought into the Clubhouse and shared at all. This is to help prevent the spread of the virus.

The Snack Refrigerator is stocked and you are welcome to use it as items there are individually wrapped thus deemed safe and appropriate protection. The restriction on outside food (such as from the store or bakery) should also be observed with nothing other than single, individual wrapped items brought in to the Clubhouse.
NOTE: Please do not leave any personal or ‘donated’ items in the snack concession refrigerator. They will be removed and discarded.

As with ALL precautions: If you are feeling unwell, have a fever, are concerned you have been exposed, or simply uncomfortable with the idea of being around others, please DO NOT ATTEND any social events. We have been amazingly lucky in that none of our community has gotten this virus.Lets take the steps to ensure it stays that way!!

If you are unwilling or uncomfortable wearing a mask, please do not attend activities or events. We simply cannot take the risk with our community at this time.

With safety precautions in place, we should still be able to have a safe social season. There will be more information put out regarding safety and activities, particularly events regarding food items, such as dinners, breakfasts and special meals at the Bluebonnet Auxiliary Meeting on October 21st at 1PM in the Clubhouse.

Submitted by The Bluebonnet Officers

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