Clubhouse Bulletin Boards

Recently a political opinion was posted on the Bluebonnet bulletin board. We would like to remind all Members of two things. Number one, there should be no political or religious activities in our Clubhouse. This is so all members can enjoy the Clubhouse and social activities without fear, intimidation or argument in regards to a religious or political nature. Number two, nothing is to be posted on the Bluebonnet bulletin board unless it is of interest to the social activities of the Membership. Anything being posted on the Bluebonnet bulletin board must first be approved by a Bluebonnet Officer. It also must have the name and lot number of the person doing the posting.

This has been a very difficult year for both our community and our nation. We need to remember that all of our members are diverse in nature with different beliefs and opinions. We need to remember that our Clubhouse should be neutral ground for the enjoyment of our social activities by all.

Submitted by

Patti Coble, Secretary
Bluebonnet Auxiliary


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