Spaghetti Dinner and Brown Bag Auction

On Saturday night, February 8th, members and guests gathered at the Clubhouse for a Spaghetti Dinner followed by the annual Brown Bag Auction.  The evening started at 5PM.  Prepared by Patti Coble, Randi Rigsby and Samme Buck, plated and served by Cindy and Dennis Smith, Dale and Cheryl Curtis and Richard Buck. Dinner consisted of a salad, spaghetti with marinara sauce, meatballs and garlic bread.  Dessert was pineapple upside down cake baked by Randi Rigsby.  Thank you to our cashier for both events, Cora Wheeler.

Cook and Serve Team: (L to R) Patti Coble, Cindy Smith, Dennis Smith, Randi Rigsby, Richard Buck, Samme Buck, Dale Curtis, Cora Wheeler, Cheryl Curtis.

Neal and Jan Kelsoe, Guest Auctioneers!

After dinner, the highlight of the evening was kicked off with the Brown Bag Auction.  Our guest auctioneers were “Don Phoney Baloney” (Neil Kelsoe) and the grape stompin’ “Mama Mia”! (Jan Kelsoe). Patti Coble acted as Master of Ceremonies for both the dinner and the Auction and Richard Buck was Luigi, the strong arm for the Don.  Hilarity ensued as it usually does.  Bidding was enthusiastic! Our members donated many wonderful bags with great items.  No bag went for less than $25 and many for over $40.

Tom Gallaty, Lot 30

Our special auction  item, the hand sewn quilt made by Randi Rigsby was sold for $300 to Tom Gallety, Lot 30.  Thank you Tom for your generous contribution to the Bluebonnets!  

This fundraiser raised over $1700 for the Bluebonnet Auxiliary.  Final figures will be given at the February 19th Bluebonnet Meeting at 1PM. The after expenses profit on the dinner was over $180.  Unfortunately, we did not win the lottery last night, but we did raise $126 on the ticket! 

Thank you to all those who worked so hard to make this evening such a success for the Bluebonnet Auxiliary;  for all those who attended to support the event;  those who provided Auction items, and those who kept the bidding lively!   We appreciate you all!  

Photographs by Richard Headley, Lot 40
Submitted by The Bluebonnet Officers
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