Mournful Wail on Monday

On Monday, Nov 4, about 1:20 PM, the only operable Union Pacific Big Boy steam locomotive, one of the largest steam locomotives in the world, will be steaming through D’Hanis on its way east from Del Rio to San Antonio. We in the LSC will be able to hear the whistle and see the smoke, if not the locomotive itself, as it passes. There are stops scheduled in Uvalde, Sabinal, and Hondo for public viewing.

No. 4014 is a 600 ton, 7,000 HP, 132′ long articulated 4-8-8-4 monster that was built in 1941 and traveled over a million miles before being retired in 1961. It spent over 50 years on static display at the Fairplex in Pomona, CA before being re-acquired by UP, and its complete rebuild in the UP locomotive shop in Cheyenne, WY was finished just this last May. Since most of the railroad water towers are gone, No. 4014 has two additional water tank cars hitched just behind the tender, followed by the historic passenger cars that make up the rest of the train.

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