Something to think about….

On October 16th, 2019, the business year will open for the Bluebonnet Auxiliary.  The officers of the Bluebonnets have received many comments regarding social hour at the Clubhouse. We would like to find out what YOU would like to see happen, if anything, with our social hour.

First, lets clear up a common misconception. The Lone Star Corral is an Escapee Co-op community. We are not governed by any rules regarding our social hours from The Escapees organization. Social Hours are traditional for Escapees, a way to get together, meet guests, new members and socialize.

So, we would ask that you think about YOUR socials. Do you want to see any changes? No? How often? Should it be hosted? Informal? Formatted? What should the format be? Are YOU willing to be a volunteer host?

If you have comments, you can present them at the meeting during the discussion, you may offer your ideas to any Bluebonnet Officer, or put a suggestion in the suggestion box.

Submitted by the Bluebonnet Officers,
Samme Buck, Lot 101; Randi Rigsby, Lot 111; Patti Coble, Lot 110; Cora Wheeler, Lot 69.

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