Memorial Day Is Not Forgetting


The last weekend in May, for many,  has become all about kicking off summer, barbeques, picnics, the end of the school year for many and throwing off the mantle of winter.  But before jumping into all that this weekend, take a moment and reflect on the true meaning of the Memorial Day holiday in the United States.

It is to reflect and remember, that in defense of this country and the freedoms we enjoy, many have made the ultimate sacrifice for us, their lives.  Memorial Day is not the day to thank a veteran, although that is always appropriate.  Veterans Day in November is to remember and applaud all veterans.  This Memorial Day is to remember those who have died in defense of this country.  Remember they were sons and daughters, husbands, wives and friends.  They were brothers and sisters, they were parents and even grandchildren and grandparents.  They answered a higher calling for us and the freedom we enjoy.

All gave some.  Some gave all.  Remember it.  Say it.  Honor it.

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