Well folks, it looks like we’ve pinned down our Brown Bag Auctioneer. Just got word that they will be in San Antonio on Friday, February 15th for an appointment on Satuday, the 16th. Its been quite a long time since they’ve been here and we’re really looking forward to seeing them again. So come on out Saturday evening, February 16th for the Annual Potato Bake at 5:00 pm, followed by the Brown Bag Auction. It’s guaranteed to be a fun evening.

Oh, by the way…there are plenty of empty brown bags available in the Clubhouse, so take one, put something in it that YOU would like to get if you bid on it and won. It should have a value of at least $10. Then seal it up so folks can’t peek, put a little hint on the outside of the bag as to what might be in there and bring it to the Clubhouse the night of the Auction. Remember….this is strictly a FUND RAISING event, so lets make it a successful one.

Patti Coble, Lot 110

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