19 days ’till FLEA MARKET.  Let’s review the truck/trailer pick-up and delivery service.  For member items that are too BIG or too HEAVY or too UGLY, a SIGN-UP sheet will be provided from Tuesday Mar 1 to Thursday, Mar 3:00 PM until 6:00 PM.  You MUST sign up to receive this service (which will happen sometime Friday morning Mar 4).  Place items (with an attached description: Lot #, Name, Price Wanted, and Bargain Price) at the front of your lot.  Donation? – just write donation instead of price.
Larry Smith FLEA chair.  
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Water Shut-Off

On Monday morning 2/14 when the plumber gets here the water line that serves Lots 91 thru 122 will be shut off to repair the main line. It shouldn’t take very long and will probably happen between 8:00 AM and noon.

Brad Formo, President, Board of Directors

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Showing   “The Great Train Robbery”
Staring Sean Connery    Donald Sutherland
            Lesley-Anne Down
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Dump Run

Dump Run this Saturday, February 12th.  Place your items for pick up at the front of your lot on Friday afternoon. Volunteers needed, meet at the maintenance area at 8:30 am.

submitted by Brad Formo

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One month away (March 5th).  Plenty of opportunities to help make this a success.
Sign-up sheets are available in the clubhouse.  Several spots are taken, including a “mystery” signature.
What’s a GATE GUARD?  The shoppers begin to line up on the road EARLY.  Our gate guard operates a barricade at the entrance, allowing members to come and go – shoppers not.  Someone with Wal-mart welcomer training preferred.
Tables are also ‘for sale’ by Sharon Ashford, Lot #33.
Larry, Flea chair.  Lot #45.
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Bingo Cancelled This Week Only

Due to the current weather conditions, Bingo is cancelled this week only.  See you next Friday!

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Social Hours

Due to the frigid weather on it’s way to us, our usual Social Hours for the week are being cancelled. We’ll start again with Monday munchies next week. Carolyn Taylor says “everyone, stay warm.”

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Weather.com is forecasting temperatures in the low to mid 20’s starting on Thursday. If you haven’t already, please cover the water pipe and valves at the exterior hose connection. I suggest putting a trash bag over first because the backflow preventer squirts out water sometimes. Then wrap an old blanket or a couple of towels around it then another plastic bag over the whole thing. It’s mainly the main valve and the hose connections that are the most vulnerable. The last freeze we had I believe 7 of the main shut off valves froze and broke. Thank you
Brad Formo
Board of Directors 
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Clubhouse and Attic Clean-up

What an awesome successful day we had Saturday, January 29th. We had a small army of 20 volunteers, members and guests, come, toting, fetching, moving and cleaning the attic, along with rearranging the Clubhouse, fixing up an area now named LSC Internet Cafe. The Treasure Table has the back corner and looks great. The game tables are back up front, and the exercise class and line dancers have their preferred workout area back. Come check it out.

Thank you to everyone who gave up their Saturday morning and afternoon to get this huge project done.

Anna Hoppe, Lot 75

President, Bluebonnet Auxiliary

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Bluebonnet Auxiliary Nominations

Ladies and Gentleman, it’s time to step up.

Be large and in charge of YOUR Bluebonnet Auxiliary, by accepting the challenge of working alongside the very hardworking committee members of the Bluebonnets.

Please remember that every single lease holder here at the Lone Star Corral is automatically gathered into the Bluebonnet bouquet.  Each and every single person is valued for their uniqueness and talent.

The Offices of President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer are up for grabs, pick one and make it your own.  The busiest months are October through April and as most LSC members are usually here through these months, traveling members are never excluded from running for office, new members are also welcome, even if you signed your paperwork yesterday, you can run for office in the Bluebonnets.

I will place some nomination forms in the clubhouse, including the description for each office, fill out your name and give it to any Bluebonnet officer, or you can return it to me.

The election will be on the agenda for the 16th of March and the new Officers will take over at the end of the meeting.

Nominate yourself – GO.

Present Officers are

  • President, Anna Hoppe Lot # 75
  • Treasurer, Beverly Stewart Lot # 76
  • Secretary, Nancy Lindley Lot #43

Respectfully posted by Nominating Committee, Karen Bristol Lot #81

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