New Clubhouse Decorations

The Decorating Committee would like to say THANK YOU to Patti Coble,  for the adorable campers and accessories she made for the tables in the Clubhouse!!!

Be sure to check them out, they’ll bring a smile to your face.

Submitted by Linda Mossman, Lot 60

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September 3, 1942 ~ April 16, 2019

Keith Dickman, Lot 4,  had been a member of LSC since 12-7-2010.  He was a highly decorated Vietnam War veteran, receiving 3 Bronze Stars and the Vietnam Cross of Gallantry with Palm for deeds of valor while in combat with the enemy, as well as several others. He was a certified chef and was recognized with several awards in culinary art competitions. He was an avid wood scroller and donated several of his projects to LSC fundraisers. Keith served as President of the LSC Board of Directors and shared his incredible culinary talents with the park membership often.  

He will be missed by his family and friends.


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Member Suggestion Happens!

The west side doors at the Clubhouse, to the laundry room hallway and into the kitchen, are sporting new sunscreens thanks to a member suggestion. The idea for the screens were suggested by Maryann Lagassey, Lot 81.  John Swatloski and Jim Mossman did the planning and design. The Bluebonnets donated the funds which cost less than $60 for the project. Jim Mossman did the build and installation.  The sunscreens will help cool in the afternoon sun, as well as protect the floors, walls and kitchen counters from sun damage.  Thanks to everyone involved!!

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Lone Star Corral Birthday Celebration

It’s Party Time! So mark your calendar and join us in the Clubhouse, Friday, May 3rd at 4:00 p.m. to celebrate the 32nd birthday of Lone Star Corral.  More details to follow.


Submitted by Patti Coble, Lot 110 & Sherri Rockett, Lot 57
Your LSC Party Planners!

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Our Finished Fence Posts

The new corner fence posts are all installed and last week, Linda Mossman and a crew of talented ladies stained them.





The cap solar lights were then mounted.  These cast a soft glow at night, illuminating the post, but not creating glare for drivers.
Well done and  THANK YOU TO ALL THE VOLUNTEERS who created and worked to build, install and finish these great additions to beautify our Lone Star Corral.  Without YOU, it doesn’t happen.

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Board of Director Meeting Minutes

The minutes and reports from the Board of Directors meeting held on March 7, 2019 are now posted under the “Members Only” section of the LSC Website.

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New Landscape Fences

Due to the hard work of several of our members, our new decorative landscape fences have been built and installed! A big THANK YOU to John Swatloski who oversaw the building and installation, Jim Mossman for the design and ALL the volunteers who have donated their time, labor and construction talent to making this project happen.

During the next few weeks, as the wood seasons and dries out, there will be a stain applied, then lights will be added to the standing posts.  Thank you to Linda Mossman and her team for the staining of the fences and the lighting!

John Swatloski, Larry Brogan, Pat McCubbin and Richard Buck install a corner near Lot 49 of the Clubhouse.

A fence is installed near Lot 41.








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New BINGO Machine

Its finally arrived!  The new BINGO machine is operational and had its debut on Friday, March 29th as the BINGO players gathered in the Clubhouse.  Everyone appreciated the new machine!  Thank you to Sandi Million for her hard work in preparing the order and overseeing the purchase!  A special THANKS to all the BINGO players who donated some of their winnings each week over the past year to help offset the cost of the new machine.

Brenda Coghill was the lucky caller on Friday night.  The delight at a cooperating machine is pretty evident!

Brenda Coghill and Sharon Ashford oversaw the fun Friday night with the new machine. Those who won declared the machine “great”, those who didn’t said they’ll try again!










With the approval of the Bluebonnet Officers and the Board of Directors, our old machine has been donated to the Hondo Nursing and Rehabilitation Center in Hondo.  Even though it was about 23 years old, with a few quirks, they did not have one at all, so they are very appreciative of receiving our old one.  Thank you to Sharon Ashford and Sandi Million for their work getting the machine to them!

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Bluebonnets Auxiliary Meeting Minutes

The approved minutes from the January and February 2019 meetings of the Bluebonnet Auxiliary are available on the “Members Only” page.

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Standing Rules Available

The Revised Standing Rules, as approved at the Annual Membership Meeting on February 28, 2019 are now available on the “Members Only” page of this website.

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