Movie Night will resume on Saturday, October 26 at 6:30 pm. We will be showing “Young Frankenstein” with Gene Wilder and other comedic stars. Free popcorn as always. Come and be entertained!!

Mary and Larry Brogan

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Bluebonnet Auxiliary Meeting

The Bluebonnet Auxiliary meeting will be held on October 16, 2019 at 1:00 P.M. in the Clubhouse.  Be sure to attend to be “in the know” about park social events and other programs. There will be an agenda posted on the Clubhouse doors.

Submitted by The Bluebonnet Officers

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Oct 16 Social

Join us for cake and ice cream on October, 16 at 4:00 at social hour. Come help Bob and Carolyn Taylor celebrate their 60th wedding anniversary and 20 years as LSC members!

Submitted by Jim Mossman, Lot 60

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Scoop the Poop!

Another reminder:  please pickup after your dogs, in the Dog Park, in the Co-Op common areas and your yard, as a courtesy to your neighbors.


Submitted by the Lone Star Corral Board of Directors

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Please remember that the speed limit of 10 MPH throughout the Co-Op applies to ALL vehicles; cars, trucks, bicycles and golf carts. Slow down and enjoy our beautiful Co-Op.

Submitted by the Lone Star Corral Board of Directors

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Ladies Lunch Bunch

The Ladies Lunch Bunch gathering at Jack’s Steakhouse in Uvalde on Wednesday, October 9th, 2019. A good time was had by all! 

Submitted by Minta Ross, Lot 122

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Friday night at the Clubhouse, the BINGO players gathered to start another year of games and fun.  Along with some new and exciting games, we had some large, colorful BINGO game cards made for us by Sandi Million’s daughter-in-law, Robbie.  Thank you to Robbie for her artistic contribution and Sandi for her hard work on our BINGO committee! Come out and join the fun, Friday evenings at 7PM.Submitted by The LSC BINGO Committee, Sharon Ashford, Chair

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Something to think about….

On October 16th, 2019, the business year will open for the Bluebonnet Auxiliary.  The officers of the Bluebonnets have received many comments regarding social hour at the Clubhouse. We would like to find out what YOU would like to see happen, if anything, with our social hour.

First, lets clear up a common misconception. The Lone Star Corral is an Escapee Co-op community. We are not governed by any rules regarding our social hours from The Escapees organization. Social Hours are traditional for Escapees, a way to get together, meet guests, new members and socialize.

So, we would ask that you think about YOUR socials. Do you want to see any changes? No? How often? Should it be hosted? Informal? Formatted? What should the format be? Are YOU willing to be a volunteer host?

If you have comments, you can present them at the meeting during the discussion, you may offer your ideas to any Bluebonnet Officer, or put a suggestion in the suggestion box.

Submitted by the Bluebonnet Officers,
Samme Buck, Lot 101; Randi Rigsby, Lot 111; Patti Coble, Lot 110; Cora Wheeler, Lot 69.

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Volunteers Needed! UPDATE!

We are happy to announce that Judy and George Freelen have volunteered to handle donations to the Medina County Food Bank.  Thank you so much for helping to continue this important community outreach.

Also, as of this post,  no one has expressed any plans or reserved the Clubhouse for hosting a Halloween Party this year. Just a reminder, you’ll need to get on the Clubhouse calendar if you’re thinking of hosting something.

Submitted by Randi Rigsby, Vice President, Bluebonnet Auxiliary, Lot 111

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Regular Friday night BINGO games will resume on Friday, October 4th, 7 P.M., in the Clubhouse. Come out, enjoy the games and visit with friends, old and new. Park guests are welcome! We look forward to seeing you!

Submitted by BINGO Committee, Sharon Ashford, Lot 33

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