The Lone Star Corral Annual Membership Meeting was held yesterday, February 28, 2019. The following individuals have been elected to serve as the 2019-2020 Board of Directors:

President: Kay Markle
Vice President: Sally Baber
Secretary: Linda Mossman
Treasurer: Larry Smith
Asst Secretary: Sherri Rockett
Asst Treasurer: Leary Sooter
Special Projects: Larry Brogan
Committee Liaison: George Freelen
Director at Large: Steve Bates

Contact information for the Board Members are listed in the “Members Only” section as well as your Membership Directory.

Thank you Directors, for your volunteer service to the Lone Star Corral!

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Results of the Golf Cart Races

Saturday, February 23 saw the annual 2019 LSC Golf Cart Races.

On a perfect clear afternoon, 12 teams competed on a course fraught with perils – from traffic cones around which the blindfolded drivers, directed by their fearless cohorts, to a graded road, to boulders and even a wheelchair-bound onlooker (who narrowly escaped with his life).

The race was attended by a couple dozen rubberneckers hoping for some blood and gore, who enthusiastically cheered (and laughed) at the antics of the sometimes accurate, sometimes hopelessly befuddled drivers. Winners with a fastest time (adjusted for running over a cone) were Jim and Randi Rigsby, with a time of 1 minute thirteen seconds. Prizes were also awarded for Slowest Time, Most Entertaining and Safest.

A big thank you to park guest John Maxfield for handling the timepiece, and to Bob Wheaton and Rose Schafer for tracking and scoring the times (and disasters)


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Here are the Flea Market Menus.

Don’t forget the yummy Bake Sale items!

Submitted by Cheryl and Dale Curtis Lot #102

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Our annual flea market will be on March 2, 2019. Members of the Co-Op can sell their stuff, tables are for rent, and large items will be sold on the Clubhouse east porch. Flyers advertising our Flea Market have been posted around in the local area to bring in buyers.

Member table sales are every Social Hour until then.  First table is $10 and each additional table is $5. Sharon Ashford is our volunteer sales lady.


Large items you want to sell on the porch can be brought to the porch from 9-1
on Friday March 1st. All items MUST have name, lot #, amount you want (realizing 10% goes to BB), and lowest you will accept. Around 10 AM we will pull the flatbed trailer around the park to pick up LARGE items. They also MUST have name, lot #, amount you want (realizing 10% goes to BB), and lowest you will accept. If this info is not on them we won’t pick them up.

Do NOT leave items on the porch at other times!! We are not going to go around the park looking for information. After the Flea Market you are responsible for removing any unsold items.

For more information – contact the coordinator, Larry Smith lot #45.

VOLUNTEERS needed for 3/1 for set-up and 3/2 for sale day. Sign up sheets are in the Clubhouse.

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Larry Brogan, Lot 86 and John Swatloski, Lot 65 are assembling the new benches.  The benches were designed by Jim Mossman, Lot 60, to freshen up our park!

Thank you for volunteering!  


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Can YOU drive a golf cart blindfolded? (with a helper giving directions!)
Come test your skills at the annual                          LSC GOLF CART & MOTORIZED SCOOTER RACES!

WHEN? Saturday, February 23 at 1:00 PM
WHERE? East side of the Clubhouse
HOW DO I SIGN UP? Sign up sheets in the Clubhouse


You do NOT need a golf cart to participate: loaners will be available.

Bob & Valerie Payne, Lot 89  

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On February 13, 2019, Ladies’ Lunch Bunch attendees consisting of twenty-four ladies carpooled to D’Hanis for lunch at Just Like Home.  Pictures of the event were taken by Peggy Krepelka and posted on Facebook.  Our next adventure will be March 13 when we will drive to the Castroville golf course for lunch at Julianna’s.  A sign-up sheet is on the table in the Clubhouse along with their menu.  Their address and telephone number are written on the top of the menu.  They also have a website online.  Remember to invite friends and visitors to join us.

Submitted by Diana Stone, Lot #94

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Please welcome our new members this month: in lot #49: Robert and Sonjia Sutphin;  in lot #61: Bradley and Lorelei Formo;  in lot #105: Sarah Shirak;  and in lot #129: JoeBob and Glenda Jackson.

Please add their name and lot number to page 24 of the 2018-2019 Directory so you will have a record of our newest members.

Thank You,
Membership Committee

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Special Item Donation

The Brown Bag Auction Team would like to extend a very special thank you to Keith and Neva Dickman, Lot 4.  Keith donated a very special plaque to the auction.  The plaque is titled: NEVER FORGET in recognition of those who serve our country. These items of art take many hours of talent and hard work to complete.  Thank You Keith, for donating your time and talent to the Bluebonnets….we appreciate you.

We also wish to thank Tim and Patsy Moberly who had the winning bid of $150 for the plaque.  Thank you for supporting the Bluebonnets!

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Baked Potato Supper and Brown Bag Auction

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